Decoding emotions

I use this to figure out where I might find myself next and where others are. Understanding where others are helps you see through their more negative aspects and into better qualities that you will see when they reach the higher emotions on the scale.

The higher on the scale a person is the more complete that person is. The lower emotions show how disconnected they are from who they really are.


Emotional Guidance Scale

  1. Joy, Love, Appreciation
  2. Passion, Enthusiasm, Happiness
  3. Optimism, Hopefulness
  4. Contentment, Boredom
  5. Frustration, Overwhelment
  6. Disappointment, Doubt, Worry
  7. Blame, Anger, Revenge
  8. Hatred, Jealousy
  9. Insecurity, Guilt
  10. Fear, Grief, Depression


I’ve adapted this list to from 22 emotions into 10 using the Emotional Guidance Scale from Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks (a book I’ve relied on since 11th grade) I’ve seen different scales like this so think of it more as an outline.


You can’t jump from the bottom straight to the top, but if you pay attention you can catch yourself and find a way to feel better before you even get to the bottom. Don’t worry if you do catch yourself somewhere on the lower part of the scale, you can climb back up, and it gets easier with practice.


If I’m at number 10, my goal is to get to number 7. I try not to talk or make decisions during those times because they will mostly be bad decisions.


Once I’m at 7 I reach for number 3.  Once you make it that far 1 and 2 will just naturally come along.


There are more uses for the scale, but for now I’m tagging this blog in hopes it will make it to whoever might need some help feeling better. I do plan on relating other (more interesting) topics once I figure out how to put it all into words.





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