Worn out thinking

I had a thought today about the after life. I’ve been fairly brain dead lately, worn thin from rough days with my kids, but that’s a different matter.

I hadn’t focused on anything really, just felt like going on with my brain dead day, not really trying to do anything special.

I bet other parents, teachers, childcare workers all do this- the bare minimum for just a little while. (You can’t really do it long term, unless your okay with a hectic life and out of control kids I guess)

You don’t really get upset when they didn’t save you a slice of pizza. You can hear them being loud and rough housing; but it doesn’t bother you this time. The house is a mess- oh well, you’ll get to it.

Then this pops into my head so suddenly and out of nowhere; I’ve been thinking about the after life a lot lately, I know it’s something so different from physically being alive and here right now, so different it’s hard to explain, understand, imagine, etc.

I’ve been wondering about ‘unfinished bussiness’ and why ghost linger, that sort of thing.

And I know there’s something special about those thoughts that pop up in you head. So here it is;

The unfinished business doesn’t mean so much in the after life, because your point of veiw has focused very differently.

So, I ask this to the thinker of my thoughts… what about unexpected death, or a suicide, the death of a baby?

Well, you can start all over but that’s hard and time consuming.

This I think was more tailored to me, because I am willing to face death if it were some case of a tragic event- like a plane crash, burning building, sinking ship- I keep my wits about me, I get focused in the moment, very decisive.

Adam has an extreamly good theory about this that I love, of why I react to certain things with a sense of knowing and an extream  sensitivity, odd for him.

And I agree with it b/c it’s what I’ve thought also, for as long as I can remember.


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