Spooky places

I went on a walk after dinner tonight, trying to do things to be healthier, plus the relaxing part.

I went down an ally/ dead end street that’s runs behind my house.  There’s something  mysterious about, and it creeps me out just a little.

I can’t wait for school to start so I can these kinds of things in the morning. Plus I can get Adam to go with me, that way I won’t be a chicken.

Along the way I had to pass the spot that a dead body was found, litterally walking right past it b/c the other side of the street is plastered with no trespassing signs.

Then finally I came to my destination, I quickly slipped in hoping not to be noticed.

This umm…. humble little dwelling.

Alright, alright, I’m not crazy. It’s just an abandon house. But the property almost touches mine.

Ive done some digging and found out an old man had owned it and he died in the 90’s. He left to a lady who died a couple years later.

She left it to a lady who currently owns it. No one has lived there since the old man died.

I bet all his stuff is in there. Oh the curiosity.

But all I have is the name of the owner, no contact info. My hope is that they’re behind on the taxes and would love to get rid of it.


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