Figuring out the struggles in life

I’ve been somewhat challenged and stumped by my last few post, while trying to write what I know to be true instead of what I beleive.

The difference is that the beleif may be  exceptionally strong, but their is a hint of questioning behind it, a little tiny bit of doubt, room to change your mind.

It’s like walking the high wire with a safety net below in case I fall, but what I really want to do is walk that high wire with no safety net because I know I’m not going to fall, and I will cross to the other side safely.

The past several days have been to much for me. I’ve cried for the first time in a while, things haven’t been exactly good.

In the past my hopelessness would have taken over to become my belief. The law of attraction would bring me proof of it, making it my new truth. (However it would be more of a false premise)

But I know better than to do that now, and once you know something like that, there’s no way of forgetting it.

So I have felt hopeless and overwhelmed. I have felt like things around me are terribly out of control.

But that has helped me to know that there is value in every moment. I know that making up my find on a few things will start making me feel like life is controllable. I know that I’m going to stand firm and unmovable in my parenting- always.

I know that certain things make you feel certain emotions, and that it’s to guide you in one way or another.

I know that I must have been going in the wrong direction because of how bad I’ve felt.

So everything is eventually working out for the better. These are some of the things I can say I know.


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