Awesome animals


Pickles is such a cute baby. Someone asked me if I take picture of my kids while they sleep, b/c she did almost every night.

No I don’t actually, I feel like my kids never sleep, at least not in that cute way like babies sleep.

But Pickles and Abbie, I’m almost ashamed to admit how many pictures I have of those two.


Speaking of cuteness, I swear we have the highest stray cat population. To top that off nicely, I think every person on my street loves animals, you guess which cats their favorite by who sits on their porch all day long, waiting for their person to get home.

I’m the cat medic, I treat their eye infections, Ill nurse them back to life after a cat fight. I’ve faced the grossest problem like its simply the next order of bussines.

The lil guy in my picture showed up every morning for a while, his eyelids where always glued shut from infection goop that seeped out in his sleep. His mama cat was a first time mom, I don’t think she cleaned her babies enough.

And Ill leave you with that…



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