What I know to be true

What I know (avoiding explanations/ back stories)

  1. What you believe proves to be true.

– If you’re happiness threatens your belief; the belief’s not serving you, there is a false premise in your reasoning. Part of the belief is untrue. (The part that feels bad.)

-The universe does not factor in emotions, it is black and white (or grey/ neutral) in the thoughts you receive.

-The universe delivers evidence to your belief (even if it’s untrue or hurts you). This is how it works; it delivers what you are about, good or bad.  It is essential to your wellbeing to understand how the universe works.

  1.  Alter beliefs to improve wellbeing.

– Focus in the better feelings over and over, until it’s natural to you.

– What feels good is right.

– What feels bad is either untrue, or you are not ready for it.

  1. Everything works out.

                                –The universe delivers what’s best for you. (It may feel good/ short lived, or bad and never-ending.) Regardless it’s for the betterment of mankind and the expanse of the universe.

– How it feels, and how hard it is, it’s up to you.

– You either clean up your path, or clutter it with a lifetime of junk by always looking back.

– Regardless of the feelings and time that make up your path it always lead to the same place. It’s up to you how hard the journey will be.


P.S. Where does the path lead and how do you find it?


3 thoughts on “What I know to be true”

  1. I like this. But, what feels good – isn’t always “right.” Some people feel good while doing illegal things. Or, when they’re harming someone.
    Sadly, many human interpret good/bad, and wrong/right – to suit their own purposes.


  2. True, people do things to feel good. Most the time it doesn’t work b/c their negative thoughts result in negative outcomes. They will feel drained also, but people can direct their thoughts to feel better, and then take action because they feel good, if people were doing that more their would be less of a need for law.

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